Music From Teen Mom 2: Season 9, Episode 13

Teen Mom 2
Featured Artist: Guster

Wasi –  Superhero
Aubree makes Watson a bottle.

The Silverman Brothers –  Legend
Briana encourages Nova to facetime her dad.

Guster –  Hard Times
Briana picks Nova up from school.

Anthem Academy –  Life Goes On
Leah spends time at Jason’s house while her house undergoes renovation from flood damage.

dreambeaches –  Habits
Jenelle gets gas with Kaiser in the backseat.

Native Sun –  Hippie Speedball
Nathan talks about Kaiser with his friend at the gym.

Ghostas –  Given U All
Kailyn talks to a producer about her upcoming meeting with Jo.

Northern Faces –  Don’t Care
Jenelle talks to Barbara about her court case with Nathan’s mom.

SYML –  Clean Eyes
Leah drives the girls back to their house.

MIZZI –  Let’s Go
Luis comes over to Briana’s house to visit Stella.

The Weather –  Hard To Believe (For Aaron)
Nathan talks to his friend about the trial with Jenelle.

Onders –  Just What It Is
Chelsea and her family get ready for the escape room.

Pictures of the Sun –  Call It a Wash
The group tries to get out of the escape room.

Daniel Ahearn –  The Beautiful Ones
End Montage.



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