Music From Teen Mom 2: Season 9, Episode 11

Teen Mom 2
Featured Artist: Deaf Havana

Botany Bay –  Let’s Go
Leah takes pictures of her girls by the water.

The Mowgli’s – Talk About It
Jenelle and Barbara have lunch together.

VELLEV – High Life
Chelsea and Cole take pictures of baby Layne.

Blaire Alise & The Bombshells – In Another Lifetime
Leah takes Ali to the eye doctor.

Boxers – Better Right Now
Briana and her sister play with the girls at the gym.

Koley – Out of Berlin
Jenelle’s fire burning video goes viral.

Deaf Havana – Pure
Leah’s girls do their homework while she calls Corey about Ali’s doctor’s appointment.

Wasi – Floor Talk
Chelsea picks Aubree up from school.

Alex Di Leo – Reason
Chelsea and her kids spend time at her mom’s house.

Eisley –  A Song for the Birds
Barbara has dinner with a former MTV producer.

Beach Weather – Tremors
Chelsea talks to her dad about her recent drama.

Firemaid – Overrated
Briana gets more information on Luis’s move back.

Garrison Starr – Running
End Montage.



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