Music From Teen Mom 2: Season 9, Episode 10

Teen Mom 2
Featured Artist: Amanda Mair

VELLEV –  One Life
Briana and her family get ready to travel to Puerto Rico.

King Rose – Bread and Butter
Kailyn takes care of the kids amidst drama with Chris.

Elijah and the Grapes – I Stand Alone
Kailyn gets ready for Lincoln’s birthday party.

TEAM – All the Time
Addie spends time with Jeremy.

The Rassle – Conquest
Addie checks out Jeremy’s new house.

INTL Falls – Living Machines
Aubree spends the night at Adam’s parent’s house.

Dojo for Crooks – W-I-L-D
Lincoln celebrates his 5th birthday.

Kid Something – Move
Briana and her family enjoy Puerto Rico.

Chris Arena – I Feel a Change
The family rides jet skis.

Pictures of the Sun – Call It a Wish
Barbara meets with Jace’s father, Andrew.

Beach Weather – Home Movies
Leah picks up the girls from school.

Dustin Atlas – One More Try
Briana and her family spend time in the hotel pool.

Nickolas Beats – Pavement
Chelsea’s mom talks to Aubree about her night at Adam’s parent’s house.

Amanda Mair – Wednesday
End Montage.



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