Music From Teen Mom 2: Season 8, Episode 9

Teen Mom 2
Featured Artist: Bien

Midi Matilda – Tidal Wave
Jenelle drives an ATV with her friends.

Public – Pretty Face
Corey teaches the girls how to play baseball in the front yard.

The Prams – Quick Quick Slow
Leah talks to her sister about getting Ali and aide at school.

Kyle Morton – Water Torture
Leah drives to a meeting to talk about getting Ali and aide.

Peter Bradley Adams – Who Else Could I Be
Leah tells Corey the results from the meeting.

Step Rockets – Chances
Kailyn makes dinner for the boys.

Van Damsel – The 21st Century
Briana and her family go out to eat the day after the baby shower.

Wylderness – So Preempt
Jenelle finds a grey hair.

Controller – Street Lights
Jenelle and David head to court.

Bien – One Degree
End Montage.


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