Music From Teen Mom 2: Season 8, Episode 8

Teen Mom 2
Featured Artist: My Double, My Brother

Alma Mater – Let’s Go
Aubree wants Chelsea to take a bite of her food.

Lakeland – One Life
Chelsea and Cole take pictures of Watson.

Northern Faces – Wait Wait Wait
Kaiser plays with Ensley.

Tiny Animals – Up Up and Away
Leah spends time with her girls at home.

Dave Thomas Jr.– I Need You
Briana talks to Luis about finding an apartment.

White Label Analog – Al Capone
Chelsea’s friend comes over.

Sleeptalk – February
Chelsea talks about wanting more kids.

4 Door Theatre – Love Walks Away
Leah paints the girl’s nails.

Wylderness – Daisy Street
After leaving the doctors appointment, Briana is upset with Luis.

Big Little Lions – Keeps Us Young
Leah drops Addie off at Jeremy’s mom’s house.

Dustin Ruth – Miss Amy
Leah talks to Jeremy’s mom about Ali’s condition.

Public – I Need You
Chelsea and Cole talk about their upcoming wedding reception.

My Double, My Brother – Find A Way
Leah gets Ali’s wheelchair in the car for her doctor’s appointment.

Guytano – When It’s Over
Leah talks to Ali about how she is feeling.

Small Million – Six Feet
Javi and Kailyn talk as they watch Isaac’s soccer game.

Andrew Galucki – Half the Time
End Montage.



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