Music From Teen Mom 2: Season 8, Episode 5

Teen Mom 2
Featured Artist:SEAWAVES

Close Talker – Heads
Leah watches Ali during her physical therapy.

SEAWAVES – The Cosmonaut
Leah drives Ali home from physical therapy.

Map & Scout – Just You and Me
Briana’s mom makes Nova dinner.

Wanderers – Master Plan
Aubree plays tag with Cole.

Neighbor – Looking Up
Cole reads his birthday card from Aubree.

Stone ft. Black Prez – High Up
Briana and her family go out to lunch.

Ghosts in Daylight – Golden and Green
Leah starts a new business venture.

Big Little Lions – Closer
Barbara drops Jace off at Jenelle’s house.

Young Rival – Lucky
Nathan talks to his friends at the gym.

Zach Bolen – 95
Leah takes Aleeah to cheer practice.

Kathrin Shorr – The Stars Above
Leah talks to Ali about continuing tumble practice.

Astro Lasso – Conquer
Devoin comes over to Briana’s apartment.

Jake Xavier – Together
End Montage.

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