Music From Teen Mom 2: Season 8, Episode 3

Teen Mom 2
Featured Artist:This Wild Life

Fire in the Radio – Stacks
Briana talks to MTV producers about her rocky relationship with Luis.

Aaron Sprinkle – Not Listening
Briana talks to an adoption counselor.

Young Rival – Interior Light
Jenelle calls her mom.

The Palms -Push Off
Kailyn talks to Jo about her big news that is no longer a secret.

Shiffley – Systems
Janelle celebrates her baby shower.

Van Damsel – Jericho
Lincoln and Isaac talk about being geniuses while Kailyn drives.

St. Leonards – How I Feel
Briana tries talking to her daughter about the possibility of adoption.

Alma Mater – Wild & Free
Leah throws Addie her 4th birthday party.

Sun Disciple – Galactic El Kayo
Kailyn and the kids meet Jo for dinner.

This Wild Life – Breakdown
End Montage.

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