Music From Teen Mom 2: Season 8, Episode 2

Teen Mom 2
Featured Artist:Hollow Coves

HEATWAVES – The Road Ahead
Jenelle and David reconcile after an argument.

Photocomfort – Just Like Home
Producers meet Chelsea’s new baby Watson.

Andrew Galucki – Day Two
Leah facetimes a friend after one of her classes.

The Rocketboys -You’re Just Going To Let Me Down
Javi comes to Kailyn’s house.

Triibe – Even in a Love Song
Barbara plays baseball with Jace.

PUBLIC – I Need You
Chelsea and Cole worry about Watson’s rash.

Dustin Ruth – Brothers Keeper
Corey spends time with his girls.

Van Damsel – Circular Symphony
Chelsea and Cole pick up Watson from Aubrey’s dad’s house.

Hollow Coves – Coastlines
Briana’s family confronts Luis.

Minihorse – Blueback
Leag picks up her kids from school.

Dave Thomas Jr – Anybody Else
Kailyn picks up Isaac from school.

Death and a Cure – Old London
End Montage.


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