Music From Teen Mom 2: Season 8, Episode 18

Teen Mom 2
Featured Artist: Night Riots

St. Leonards – How I Feel
Briana drops Nova off at her first day of school.

KNOXs – How We Rule
Nova tells her family about her first day of school.

Aaron Sprinnkle – Heatstroke
Leah gets Addie ready for pre-school.

My Double My Brother – The Resolve
Leah talks to Jeremy about Addie.

Wanderers – Queen of the World
Aubree feeds Watson a bottle

Alma Mater – Higher
Jenelle gets ready for her wedding.

Randall Kent – Brand New Day
David’s mom helps him get dressed for the wedding.

Cin3ma – Temperence
Kailyn introduces her new baby to the family.

The Lunar Year – Porcelain
Kailyn and Javi talk about the birth.

Sunshine States – Want That Life
Chelsea and her bridesmaids get ready for the wedding.

Ash Gale – Thrive
Chelsea and Cole celebrate at their wedding reception.

Michael Logan – I Want You (And Your Heart Of Gold)
Leah talks to her kids about their day at school.

Map & Scout – Just You & Me
Isaac meets his new baby brother.

Sun Airway – All I Ever
The whole family gathers around Kailyn to see the baby.

Lakeland – Be the One
Jenelle puts on her wedding dress.

Night Riots – As You Are
The wedding procession begins.

Rough Nights – Feel It All
Jenelle and David exchange rings

Zayde Wolf – Watching Over You
End montage.


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