Music From Teen Mom 2: Season 8, Episode 17

Teen Mom 2
Featured Artist: Andrew Belle

The Dimes – Sleep for Days
Briana feeds Stella.

Kelly Mac – In Charge
Leah plays with her girls at home.

White Label Analog – Sidewinder
Chelsea takes Aubree to get her dress fitted.

Karlo – Throw It Away
Kailyn calls her friend from the car.

Western Scene – Strange But True
Kailyn and her friends clean the pool and talk about her upcoming doctors appointment.

M.A.G.S – My Love
Jenelle goes over outdoor details for her wedding.

Brain Tan – Alive
Chelsea talks to Cole about Aubree’s dress fitting.

E R I K (feat. Like the Movies) – Bulletproof
Chelsea gets ready to pick up her wedding dress.

Grounders – Secret Friend
Chelsea and her friends leave to pick up the dress.

Nick D and the Believers – Always Running
Leah gets the twins ready for school.

Sleeptalk– Bones
Leah drops the twins off at the bus stop.

Scoutmaster – Larger Than Life
Isaac and Jo go swimming.

Oyster Kids – Gum (Everybody’s My Friend)
Briana takes Nova to her school’s orientation.

The Prams – Parachutes
Chelsea and her friend arrive at the dress shop.

Big Little Lions – Soon
Chelsea tries on her dress.

Sunjacket – Creepy
Kailyn talks about going for her ultrasound.

Tiny Animals – T I H F I
Kailyn is upset on the way to getting her ultrasound.

Andrew Belle – Down
End montage.


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