Music From Teen Mom 2: Season 8, Episode 16

Teen Mom 2
Featured Artist: CiN3MA

CiN3MA – Hard Way
Jenelle video chats with Jace.

Lybecker – Wild Hearts
Jenelle throws Jace a birthday party at a water park.

Alma Mater – Happiness
Leah tales the girls to Florida on a family vacation.

Young Mister – Safety
Briana talks to her friend about stella’s condition.

Lucian – Sick of Love
Leah’s mom tried out the lipstick.

Moon Isles – Hazy Display
Chelsea talks to her friend after meeting with her lawyer.

Phebe Starr – Feel My Love
Leah rides a rollercoaster with Gracie.

tetè – a – tetè – Mental Breeze
Leah spends the day with all the girl at the amusement park.

Planets – Reflections
End Montage.


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