Music From Teen Mom 2: Season 8, Episode 14

Teen Mom 2
Featured Artist: The Beautiful Ghosts

Kelly Mac – In Charge
Kailyn talks to her friends about her upcoming graduation.

The Palms – Ghostland
Chelsea and Cole play wth Watson at home.

The Domestics – Less Light
Leah gets ready to give another motivational speech.

Plenets – Invincible
Leah shares her biggest fears with her motivational speaking group

Thomas Fiss – Light It Up
Chelsea gets Watson ready for his doctors appointment.

Bess Rogers – Who We Are
Chelsea and Cole talk to producers after Watson’s appointment.

Holiday Friends – Never Enough
Kailyn gets her make up done for graduation.

Ben Shannon– Home is Never Far From You
Kailyn goes to her graduation.

Tape Waves– Looking at the Sun
Nova bonds with Stella.

Red Red Lips – Xpress Urself
Jenelle goes dress shopping in New York.

Joshua James – Darkcloud
Leah talks about how the event went.

The Beautiful Ghosts – Stay Idle
Kailyn gets ready for her graduation.

Battleships – As You’d Begun
Briana and Luis are still at odds.

The Highfields – Good Vibes
Jenelle and her friends visit a bridal shop.

AJ Edwards – Richter
End Montage.


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