Music From Teen Mom 2: Season 8, Episode 13

Teen Mom 2
Featured Artist: The Tambo Rays

White Label Analog – Awakened by the Fire
Kailyn talks about whether Chris will be around to take care of their new baby.

Bows – Prepare for Landing
Jenelle talks to Jace about the new custody agreement.

Chris Hurn – Somebody New
Leah talks to her friend about an upcoming speaking event.

BXNES – We Are Giants
Chelsea talks to Aubree about their upcoming trip tot eh aquarium.

St. Leonards – Fly
Leah heads to her speaking engagement.

Adna – Living
Leah struggles though her speech.

Inward Oceans – Rolling Through
Kailyn and Javi have lunch with the kids.

The Tambo Rays – Get It Right Now
Chelsea and family fly to Florida.

Van Dansel – Post Script
Aubree has fun with the animals.

Lucian – Drift ft. Sleeper
Kailyn goes to graduation practice.

The Clouds Below – Chase the Sun
Aubree is excited to meet the dolphins.

Dave Thomas Jr – When We’re Together
End Montage.


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