Music From Teen Mom 2: Season 8, Episode 11

Teen Mom 2
Featured Artist: Mountains Etc

The Prams – Trailer
Chelsea picks up Aubree from her dad.

Midi Matilda – You Make Me Feel Like
Chelsea wishes her dad Happy Father’s Day.

Holiday Friends – Watchers
Leah talks to her friends about dating.

Saxons – Do It Right
Chelsea and Aubree make Cole a Father’s Day present.

Mountains Etc – Here it Goes
They include Watson in the present.

AJ Edwards – Elizabeth
Aubree leaves for Adam’s house.

Sleeptalk – Love
Leah talks to a producer about her upcoming date.

REN – Into the Unknown
Leah gets ready for her date.

Lybecker – Wild Hearts
Briana brushes Nova’s hair.

The Beautiful Ghosts – Heartbreak Blvd
Leah meets her date at a restaurant.

Distant Cousins – We Belong Together
Nova gets her diploma.

Foxy and the Hares – Up in Flames
End Montage.

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