Music From Teen Mom 2: Season 8, Episode 1

Teen Mom 2
Featured Artist:The Mowgli’s

Shiffley – Cry
Catching up with Kailyn while she is taking care of her kids and going to school.

Andrew Galucki – Let Go
Javi visits his lawyer to finalize the divorce.

Austin Plaine – I’ll Be Ok
Leah struggles to get all her girls ready in the morning.

Lasse Boman – Stick Around
Chelsea talks to her friends about her frustration with Adam.

The Mowgli’s – Automatic
Javi appears on a taping of a special MTV episode.

Lydia – The Sounds in Your Dream
Briana talks to her daughter about future arrangements.

Beach Weather – Chit Chat
Chelsea and her friends get supplies for Chelsea’s unconventional baby shower.

STONE – Good Time
Guests start to arrive to the party.

Zayde Wølf – Higher Than High
Leah attends her first day of school.

Tents – The Hush
Mackenzie goes by the bridal shop.

Beachcomber – The Atmosphere
Briana takes her daughter to Legoland.

Bows – Prepare for Landing
Briana and her family talk about her new boyfriend.

Neighbor – Looking Up
Chelsea and Cole talk about their birth plan in preparation for the baby’s arrival.

The Palms – Headphones
Leah drops Ali off with Corey.

Sun Disciple– Your Heart is a Sun
Javi watches the boys while Kailyn attends class.

Gabe Dixon – On Your Side
Javi gets emotional when he finds out he might get deployed again.

Novo Amor – Carry You
End Montage.



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