Music from Teen Mom 2: Season 7 PREMIERE

Teen Mom 2
Featured Artist: The Rival


Fort Frances – “Habits”
Chelsea prepares Aubree for her first day of kindergarten

Atomic Tom – “1978”
Jo picks up Isaac from kindergarten.

National Skyline – “Bottle Rocket”
Chelsea and her friend drop Aubree off on her first day of school

On An On – “Alright Alright”
Jo and his girlfriend talk about their strained relationship with Kailyn

Little Hurricane – “Superblues”
Jenelle’s ex, Nathan, hangs out with his new girlfriend

Weather Maps – “Material Days”
Kailyn is taking family photos at the park

Big Little Lions – “This Road With You”
Javi decides he doesn’t want to go, so Kailyn takes the pictures without him

Volunteer – “Waking Up”
Aubree is beaming when Chelsea picks her up from school

Joshua Powell & the Great Train Robbery – “Birth Control”
Leah takes Ali to the doctor

The Rival – “Made”
End Montage

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