Music from Teen Mom 2: Season 7, Episode 2

Teen Mom 2
Featured Artist: Longfellow


Weather Maps – “Material Days”
Catching up with Chelsea

The Rival – “We Could Be the Ones”
Chelsea, Cole and Aubree go to a pumpkin patch

Ben Flanagan – “Carefree”
Cole backs Chelsea up when Aubree doesn’t listen

Novo Amor – “Anchor”
Leah talks to her cousin about her worries over Ali’s condition

Big Little Lions – “Quiet One”
Leah spends time with her three daughters

Greatest Lakes – “Waves”
Kailyn and Javi begin to prepare for his possible deployment overseas

American Wolf – “Aurora”
Chelsea gets a text from Adam about changing the custody agreement

Fort Frances – “These Are the Mountains Moving”
Kailyn takes Isaac to meet his new baby sister

Son & Thief – “The Father”
Leah talks to her sister about her pending custody court case

The Hometowns – “Coming Home”
Isaac spends time with Jo, Vee and his new sister, Vivi

Phillip LaRue – “When I See You”
Leah asks her sister to pick up the girls from school

Longfellow – “Better Love”
End Montage

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