Music from Teen Mom 2: Season 7 Episode 19

Teen Mom 2
Featured Artist: Valley Maker


Cinnamon – We Are One
Leah watches as her girls go swimming

Wesley Jensen – Talking
Isaac plays a board game with Vee

Friends With Benefits – I’ll Be There
Chelsea gets Aubree ready for her first day of 1st grade

Clemency – Reach
Jenelle and David visit the doctor to find out the gender of the new baby

Alma Mater – Move Together
Jenelle reveals the gender of the baby to the MTV crew

Eric Reitz – Real Time
Leah starts packing for her family vacation with the girls

Allie Moss – Bet My Life
Leah and her sister talk about Ali’s swimming abilities

Kid Runner – Don’t Change Me
Chelsea picks Aubree up from school

Two Cheers – Brinka
Jenelle and David go out to eat

Co-pilgrim – Offing
Jo reaches out to Javi so Isaac can see him and Lincoln

Fremont – Hold On To Me
Leah gets the girls ready for their vacation in California

Sun Disciple – Your Heart is a Sun
Leah takes her girls to the beach to do yoga

Lasse Boman – Be
Jenelle posts the baby announcement on social media

Lydia – Georgia
Javi and Lincoln meet Jo and Isaac for ice cream

Austin Plaine – I’ll Be Okay
Javi and Jo have a heart-to-heart talk

HEATWAVES – Horizons
Leah talks to her friend about Ali’s condition

Valley Maker – By My Side
End Montage

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