Music from Teen Mom 2: Season 7 Episode 17

Teen Mom 2
Featured Artist: Tysen Motsenbocker

Tyson Mostenbocker
Two Cheers – Super Owls
Jenelle deals with a screaming Kaiser
Chalet – Making Jokes
Jenelle and David talk about building their own house
Starflyer 59 – Numb
Kailyn and Javi italk after they drop the kids off at camp
Long Valley – Into the Wild
Chelsea and Aubree go to the lake to feed the turtles
Beach Lights – Hope to Find
Chelsea talks to Aubree about the new baby
Reddening West  – All You Need
Kailyn kicks Javi out of her house
Family Cactus – Whole and Red
Jenelle and David subtly announce a surprise
Big Haunt – In the Cold
MTV producers question Jenelle and David about their seemingly oblivious surprise
Pomegranates – Lost Lives
Javi takes Isaac out to eat with his family
Tysen Motsenbocker – Always
End Montage

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