Music from Teen Mom 2: Season 7 Episode 16

Teen Mom 2
Featured Artist: Zayde Wolf


Reddening West – Handful of Dust
Leah talks to her brother about feeling overwhelmed about her upcoming move

Silver Eels – High Time
Still on vacation, Jenelle and David take the kids to Legoland
Wildside – What a Time to be Alive
Legoland montage
LandMRKS – Crossing the Rubicon
Jenelle talks to David about her frustrations with Nathan.
Randall Kent – Where You Go
Leah talks to her friend about how much she loves the new house.
Silences – Failing to Learn
Leah finds out Jeremy took Addie to Ohio without telling her
My Jerusalem – Dominoes
Chelsea and Cole drop Aubree off at daycare before they go to the doctor’s office
Flocks and the Lookout – Lifeboat
Kailyn talks to Jo about Javi and Isaac’s wedding
Zayde Wolf  – Our Own Path
Chelsea shows Aubree a picture of when she was a baby.
From Indian Lakes – Late in the Night
Javi returns home and sees Kailyn Isaac, and Lincoln
Wesley Jensen – Spent
Chelsea and Cole post their baby announcement on social media
Pomegranates – Surfing the Human Heart
End Montage

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