Music from Teen Mom 2: Season 7 Episode 15

Teen Mom 2
Featured Artist: Little Hurricane


The Little Indians – Sun Dream
Leah and Addie facetime with Jeremy while he’s away.
Beach Lights – This Town
While Jeremy is away, Leah visits her new house.
Randall Kent – Where You Go
Leah talks to her friend about how much she loves the new house.
The Long Valley – Here We Go
Chelsea and Cole share some exciting news with the MTV crew.
 Family Cactus – Abe Mistake
Chelsea gets emotional thinking about telling Aubree the big news.
Ben Jorgensen – Don’t Go
Jo and Vee talk about Kailyn and Javi’s marriage problems. BI
Golden Youth – Seven Seas
Nathan picks up Kaiser while Jenelle, David, and the kids go on afamily trip to Orlando.
Pomegranates – Heartache 
Chelsea and Cole prepare to tell Aubree their big news.
Levi Warren – Picture Booth
Chelsea and Cole talk to Aubree about their future addition.
Pop Etc – Please Don’t Forget Me
Leah takes her girls to get their picture taken.
Little Hurricane – Upside of Down
End Montage.

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