Music from Teen Mom 2: Season 7, Episode 12 FINALE

Teen Mom 2
Featured Artist: Jenny & Tyler


Ben Rosenbush – “This Fire”
Jenelle and her boyfriend struggle to take the kids out fishing

Map & Scout – “Let’s Stay Together All the Time”
Chelsea attempts to fold Aubree’s clothes

Zerbin – “C’est La Vie”
Jenelle and her boyfriend finally settle into the boat and are ready

On an On – “Drifting”
Leah finds out about her ex-husband’s new relationship

The Silverman Brothers – “For You”
Kailyn, Jo, and Vee all hang out with the kids

Mikey Moore – “Make Your Home”
Leah has a BBQ at her house with her friends and family

Ryan Traster – “Keep Us Clean”
Leah is upset that Jeremy isn’t prioritizing his daughter

Sleeping in Cars – “More”
Jenelle talks to Jace about staying with Barb and wanting him back

Zayde Wolf – “Live Life”
Chelsea gets Cole’s ring in the mail and surprises him with it

An Angle – “Weighted String”
Addie gets dropped off at Leah’s house and joins the BBQ

Torches – “We’re Gone”
Cole and Chelsea show Aubree the wedding ring

Jenny & Tyler – “Walk With You”
End Montage

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