Music from Teen Mom 2: Season 6 PREMIERE

Teen Mom 2
Featured Artist: Novo Amor

Novo Press Shot lake 2

Distant Cousins – “Everybody Feels It”
Kailyn and Javi throw a birthday party for Isaac.

Flora Cash – “I’ll Be With You”
Jenelle and Nathan take Jace to pick out their Christmas tree.

Anthem Academy ft. Allie Crystal – “Every Little Beat”
Chelsea and her new boyfriend Cole take Aubree to get frozen yogurt.

Builder of the House – “This Is No Hourglass, Only Sand”
Jenelle plays with baby Kaiser at home.

Abbot Kinney – “We Can’t Stop Now”
Chelsea’s dad comes over to talk about Adam’s sudden request for custody of Aubree.

The House on Monterey – “Idle Pools”
Chelsea is frustrated with Adam and his crazy requests.

Lybecker – “We Are The Young”
Chelsea continues working at the day spa despite thinking about the custody request.

The Valery Trails – “Black and White”
Adam vents to a friend about his frustrations with Chelsea.

Novo Amor – “Weather”
Leah gets ready to face Corey in court.

Stop Dead – “Control”
Chelsea and Aubree play around inside their house.

Black Lab – “Left For Dead”
After the custody hearing, Leah drops the girls off with Corey.

Act As If  – “Anchored At Sea”
End Montage.

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