Music from Teen Mom 2: Season 6 FINALE

Teen Mom 2
Featured Artist: The Maine


Mock Orange – “Be Gone”
Chelsea and Cole take care of Aubree who’s sick.

Brown Shoe – “Are You Up”
Jenelle gets bailed out of jail and catches up on the drama she missed.

Attic Lights – “Summer’s Coming Back”
Aubree still has a fever, so Chelsea continues to worry.

Imaginary Future – “We Are the Love We Give”
Leah returns home to see her girls.

Albert – “No-Show”
Leah has a fresh start in a new place after returning from rehab and moving out of the house she shared with Jeremy.

The Maine – “(Un)Lost”
Cole moves in with Chelsea and Aubree.

Golden Youth – “Brother in the Morning Light”
Kailyn and Javi take the boys to see their new house.

Future of Forestry – “Someone”
Kailyn and Javi look toward the future and are excited to move into their new house.

Racing Glaciers – “First Light”
End Montage.

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