Music from Teen Mom 2: Season 6, Episode 8

Teen Mom 2
Featured Artist: Vinyl Theatre


Clemency – “Settled For”
Jenelle hangs out with her friend while a “No Contact” order is in place with Nathan.

My Double, My Brother – “Shelves”
Jenelle doesn’t know if she’s going to stay with Nathan or not.

Jacob McCoy Burton – “Hold Brother”
Chelsea and Cole both help Aubree feel better after she scrapes herself.

Fire in the Radio – “Stacks”
Javi helps Jo move into his new house.

COIN – “Fingers Crossed”
Chelsea and Cole pick up their new pig.

The Donnies the Amys – “You Know So Well”
Kailyn and Javi discuss Jo’s new living situation.

Shelly Fraley – “I Cried”
Jenelle is confused after Nathan says they should see other people.

Vinyl Theatre – “Stay”
Kailyn checks out Jo’s new house.

Andrew James – “Broken Now”
End Montage.

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