Music from Teen Mom 2: Season 6, Episode 10

Teen Mom 2
Featured Artist: COIN


Albert – “Away We Go”
Chelsea talks to her friend about Cole moving in, and Aubree calling him “dad”.

Future of Forestry – “Things That We Should Say”
Jenelle meets up with Nathan to talk about their doomed relationship.

The Maine – “My Hair”
Chelsea spends time with Aubree after she gets back from a weekend at Adam’s house.

Nova Albion – “To The Ocean”
Isaac hangs out with Jo for the weekend.

Young Girls – “Animals”
Chelsea, Aubree and Cole spend time with their new pig.

Imaginary Future – “Open Up Each Other”
Kailyn and Jo go house hunting

COIN – “Run”
Chelsea and Cole spend time at home together.

Christian Carcamo – “Steady Ground”
Leah says goodbye to her girls on her last night at home before heading off to therapy for a month.

SPEAKRS – “Where To Go”
End Montage.

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