Music From: Teen Mom 2 *Season 5 Finale*

Teen Mom 2
Scars on 45

scars 2

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The Goodluck Assembly – “Morning Love”
Chelsea distracts herself from Adam’s arrest by playing with her daughter.

Gideon Grove – “Collision”
Jenelle talks to her friends about regaining custody of Jace.

Jared & The Mill – “Love To Be Found”
Corey talks to his dad about his problems with Leah and their last court date

TEAM – “Am I Alive”
Kailyn is excited to finally pick Isaac up from Jo

Schematic – “You Are My Southern Girl”
Jenelle gets ready to talk to her mom about regaining custody of Jace

Folly and the Hunter – “Residents”
Leah takes her girls to a doctor’s appointment to get Ali a new wheelchair

Los Waves – “Strange Kind of Love”
Chelsea and her friends try out speed dating

DREXLER – “Grazing”
Jenelle meets with her mom

Exit Exit – “Secret Ships”
Kailyn talks to Javi about her last conversation with Jo.

Scars on 45 – “Fading Bright Eyes Dark”
Ending Montage – MTV Exclusive: Stream the full album here

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