Music From Teen Mom 2: Season 5, Episode 9

Teen Mom 2 
Featured Artist: Morgan Taylor Reid


Tim Cullen  – “Face”
Theme Song

Pisces – “Being With You”
Voice over: Kailyn explains the stress of planning her wedding

U137 – “Midsummer Field”
Kailyn talks to Javi about the wedding and not inviting her mother

John Jerome & The Congregation  – “She Speaks to Animals”
Janelle makes breakfast for Jace

Courtney Marie Andrews – “Dear Sister”
Chelsea and her friend talk about Adam

Quintero Hill – “Cross the Line”
Leah and Jeremy argue about their relationship and going to counseling

Black Swan Runners – “Alibi”
Kailyn packs for her wedding

Bad Bad Hats – “Super America”
Kailyn leaves to drop of Isaac

Quintero Hill – “Honorless”
End Scene: Leah and Jeremy argue about counseling, again

Radical Dads – “Rapid Reality”
Kailyn and her friends drive into Philly

Jack Dolgen – “I Would 1.0”
Scene open: Jace’s birthday party

Bootstraps – “Fortyfive”
Nathan tells Barbara that he loves Jenelle

Express and Company – “Out by the Trees”
Jenelle and Barbara talk about Jace’s behavior issue: hitting people

Lights & Motion – “Faded Fluorescence”
End Scene: Kailyn ends her conversation with her friends and in-laws

General Ghost – “You’ll Never Know”
Jeremy comes home and talks to Leah about quitting his job

Morgan Taylor Reid – “Greener Side”
End Montage

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