Music From Teen Mom 2: Season 5, Episode 8

Teen Mom 2 
Featured Artist: Matt Pond 


Tim Cullen – “Face”

Lelia Broussard – “Masquerade”
Leah gets Ali ready for his first day of school

Broken Anchor – “Dear Diary”
Javi and Kailyn talk about the ear ring issue

Escondido “Chase The Moon”
Leah drops the girls off with Corey

Matt Pond – “Strafford”
Kailyn ends the conversation with her doctor

We Are The City – “Now For The Rest”
Kailyn talks to her friend about her mom and the wedding

Helionauts “Home Bound”
Chelsea talks to her father about her daughter’s father

Acid House Kings – “Waterfall”
Kailyn goes with her friend to get her wedding dress altered

The Rocketboys – “Time Is A Devil”
End montage 

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