Music From Teen Mom 2: Season 5, Episode 7

Teen Mom 2
Featured Artist: Matthew Perryman Jones 


Tim Cullen  - “Face”
Theme Song

The House On Monterey - “On The Road”
Voice Over: Leah says things are better since Jeremy is home on sick leave, and Ali was evaluated by a special needs program

North Star Sailor  - “Liars and Lines”
Barbara teaches Jace how to spell his name

Uninhabitable Mansions - “We Already Know”
Scene Open: Adam hangs out with Aubree at his apartment

Abandoned Pools - “Breaking Horses”
Jenelle and her boyfriend leave to go to court

Express & Company - “Ontario”
Leah and Jeremy go over to Corey’s house to talk

Bryan Lee Brown - “Summer Vines”
Kailyn talks to her friend about her mom

George Byrne - “I Can See the Light”
Javi goes to the Pennsylvania house to help move the last of his and Kailyn’s stuff

Matthew Perryman Jones - “Cancion De La Noche”
End Montage

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