Music From Teen Mom 2: Season 5, Episode 6

Teen Mom 2
Featured Artist: Automatic Empire 


Tim Cullen – “Face”

The Sky Life – “Ask Anything”
Kailyn, Javi and Isaac drive to the court hearing about visitation rights

Shortstraw - “LCBSS”
Aubree celebrates her birthday at school

Admirals - “Be Yourself”
Jenelle and Nathan go out to eat

Lily and the Pearl - “Jack”
Kailyn brings Isaac to Jo’s house and talks to him about settling visitation

Our Lost Infantry - “Kenning”
Leah and Jeremy are running late to the doctor’s office

Coasta - “The Slide”
Jenelle has an ultrasound and receives some news

Death and A Cure - “The Town Will Talk”
Kailyn meets with her lawyer before court

Broken Anchor - “Dear Diary”
Kailyn and her lawyer leave court and talk about visitation

Octoberman - “Burning Sun”
Jenelle and her boyfriend have a serious conversation

Accents - “The Low”
Kailyn picks up Isaac from Jo

Automatic Empire - “Too Late”
End montage

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