Music From Teen Mom 2: Season 5, Episode 4

Teen Mom 2

Featured Artist: The Blues and Greys 


 Tim Cullen“Face”

Anderson East “No Part”
Jenelle talks with her mom at the diner

Dorena “Dandellion”
Kailyn talks to Javi on the phone

Dustin Ruth“Can’t Help It”
Leah’s mom comes over for a visit

The Blues and Greys“Lost Lines”
Leah talks to her mom about moving into a new house

John Jerome & The Congregation“Forever Chasing Something More”
Chelsea reads to Aubree

Echoes - “Young Heretics”
Jenelle and Nathan drive to get stuff out of storage

Broken Anchor “Leave the Light On”
Jenelle and Nathan move into their new place

Express & Company“Tall Tall Pines”
Leah talks about moving to a farm

Joey Ryan and the Inks“The Troubled Poet”
Javi comes home to tell Kailyn about the house

The Mary Dream“Stay”
Kailyn talks to Javi about feeling good about moving and waiting to hear the judge’s ruling

Nathan Reich - “Better Off Dead”
Jenelle’s mom brings Jace over to her new place

Jule Vera - “Bottom of the Line”
Chelsea drops her daughter off with her mom before going to class

Kurt Von Stetten“Spy Song”
Chelsea finishes a conversation with her mom and leaves to go to class

Courrier “The Light in the Tunnel”
End montage 


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