Music From Teen Mom 2: Season 5, Episode 4

Teen Mom 2

Featured Artist: The Blues and Greys 


 Tim Cullen – “Face”

Anderson East – “No Part”
Jenelle talks with her mom at the diner

Dorena – “Dandellion”
Kailyn talks to Javi on the phone

Dustin Ruth – “Can’t Help It”
Leah’s mom comes over for a visit

The Blues and Greys – “Lost Lines”
Leah talks to her mom about moving into a new house

John Jerome & The Congregation – “Forever Chasing Something More”
Chelsea reads to Aubree

Echoes – “Young Heretics”
Jenelle and Nathan drive to get stuff out of storage

Broken Anchor – “Leave the Light On”
Jenelle and Nathan move into their new place

Express & Company – “Tall Tall Pines”
Leah talks about moving to a farm

Joey Ryan and the Inks – “The Troubled Poet”
Javi comes home to tell Kailyn about the house

The Mary Dream – “Stay”
Kailyn talks to Javi about feeling good about moving and waiting to hear the judge’s ruling

Nathan Reich – “Better Off Dead”
Jenelle’s mom brings Jace over to her new place

Jule Vera – “Bottom of the Line”
Chelsea drops her daughter off with her mom before going to class

Kurt Von Stetten – “Spy Song”
Chelsea finishes a conversation with her mom and leaves to go to class

Courrier – “The Light in the Tunnel”
End montage 

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