Music From Teen Mom 2: Season 5, Episode 3

Teen Mom 2

Featured Artist: Goldspot



Tim Cullen  – “Face”
Theme song

The Trophy Fire – “Crystal Skyline”
Kailyn and Isaac go to the doctor’s office

Goldspot – “Abyss”
Chelsea goes to Aubrey’s preschool orientation

The Donnies The Amys  – “King of Norway”
Leah and Jeremy take Ali to the doctor

The Farewell Circuit – “In Our Bones (Pick Up A Plow)”
Ali goes to the hospital

The House on Monterey – “Saying Goodbye”
Ali’s doctor tells Leah and Corey that Ali has Ullrich Congenital Muscular Distrophy

The Ambient Light – “Engram”
Chelsea picks up Aubrey from her mom’s house

Broken Anchor – “Always”
Chelsea and her mom talk about Adam

The Trophy Fire  – “Greedy Flies”
Kailyn and Jo argue about what time Kailyn dropped off Isaac

Death and a Cure – “The Spin You’ve Got me In”
Leah and Jeremy take Ali to get fitted for her wheelchair

Tom Jordan – “Something SO Hard to Find”
End Montage

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