Music From Teen Mom 2: Season 5, Episode 24

Teen Mom 2
Featured Artist: Wildlife Control


Secret Sun – “My Messenger”
Jenelle talks to Jace on the phone.

Papermaps – “I’ve Closed A Door”
Kailyn takes a tour of Delaware State University.

Wildlife Control – “People Change”
Kailyn meets up with a tour guide and checks out the Mass Communications Dept.

Automatic Empire – “Edge of Communication”
Jenelle picks up Jace and brings him back to her house.

Luftshansia – “House”
Chelsea finds out Adam was arrested, again.

Accents – “England Awaits”
Kailyn and her family head to the beach while Isaac stays at Jo’s house.

Verskotzi – “Luck”
Chelsea looks at Adam’s criminal record.

Jess Penner – “Make Your Demands”
Kailyn spends time on the beach.

Ashlee Morton – “Lonely Way”
Jenelle is upset her mom is taking control of Jace.

Castle Project – “A Million People”
End Montage

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