Music From Teen Mom 2: Season 5, Episode 22

Teen Mom 2
Featured Artist: Wild Party
Wild Party

Los Waves – “Golden Maps”
Chelsea takes her daughter to work.

Wild Party – “Life’s Too Short”
Jenelle has custody of Jace for the weekend, they talk about his behavior.

Denison Witmer – “Every Passing Day”
Jenelle and Nathan talk about fighting for full custody of Jace.

Brad Senne – “Autumn’s Hum”
Corey and his dad talk about the pending legal battle Leah presented him with.

Kissaway Trail – “Cuts of Youth”
Chelsea gets her daughter ready for her first T-Ball game.

Harrison Hudson – “Love Will Leave”
Leah meets up with Corey, they discuss their problems with the children’s medical issues.

Lowpines – “Take The Weight”
Leah is frustrated with her current relationship with her ex, Corey.

BESTiE “Pineapple”
Chelsea hangs out at her daughter’s T-Ball game, when her ex shows up with his new girlfriend.

Young Summer – “The Final Say”
Chelsea’s ex Adam shows up to their daughter’s T-Ball game, with his new girlfriend.

Ourlives – “Out Of Place”
End Montage

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