Music from Teen Mom 2: Season 5, Episode 21

Teen Mom 2
Featured ArtistStreet Joy

Street Joy

Brad Senne – “Autumn’s Hum”
Kailyn talks to her friend about her rocky relationship with her mother.

Street Joy – “Laurel Hill”
Chelsea hangs out with her friend while her daughter is away for the weekend.

Red Like Heat – “Lights Out”
Chelsea and her friends head out to a cabin for the night.

The Seams – “Maniac”
Jenelle and her mom have a “Girl’s Day.”

Gideon Grove – “Waxing Moon”
Kailyn takes her kids to the airport to pick up Javi.

Schematic – “Rogue Rampion”
Chelsea and her friends go fishing while she talks about wanting another relationship.

Admirals – “Plastic Fashioned Dream”
Jenelle gets ready for Kaiser’s birth by setting up his nursery.

Castle Project – “Whale V Shark”
End Montage

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