Music From Teen Mom 2: Season 5, Episode 2

Teen Mom 2

Featured Artist: Papermaps


Tim Cullen  – “Face”

Broken Anchor – “Stencil Heart”
Jeremy is driving to Orlando with Leah and her daughters

Parallax – “Personal Decision”
Jenelle talks to her lawyer about possibly going to prison

Coasta – “Michael Traction”
Chelsea and her friend get ready for school

Bryan lee Brown – “Rocks Kill Birds”
Kailyn goes to court

Dorena – “Young Hears of Summer”
Jenelle tells her mom about the new guy she plans to meet

Nicholas Burke – “Brave Fly”
Leah gets the girls ready to go to the pool

Heavy Young Heathens – “Talk is Cheap”
Leah and the girls swim in the pool

Our Lost Infantry – “The Tremors”
Chelsea rushes to drop off Aubrey at daycare and goes to class

Papermaps – “Shadow Theatre”
Jo talks to his lawyer

Danny Michel – “Maybe You Can Find It In Your Heart”
Leah plays with the girls at the amusement park

Ratham Stone – “You’re My Girl Tonight”
Leah and Jeremy go on a roller coaster with the girls

Jule Vena – “One Little String”
Jenelle and her friend talk while getting a manicure

Dorena – “Dandelion”
Jo drops Isaac off at Kailyn’s house

Goldspot – “The Border Line”
Jenelle and her date get into a play fight after miniature golf

The Forecast – “Skipping Stones”
Leah and Jeremy eat dinner together

Isbells – “My Apologies”
Ending montage 

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