Music From Teen Mom 2: Season 5, Episode 16

Teen Mom
Featured Artist: Vic + Gab


Patrick Park – “Down In The Blackness”
Leah meets her friend for dinner, she talks about her never-ending stress.

Escapists – “Phantom Limb”
Chelsea’s ex, Adam, meets his friend for lunch with their daughter Aubree.

Vic + Gab – “When You Walk Into The Room”
Kailyn plays with her newborn at home.

We Are The Storm – “20 Years”
Leah picks up her twins from Corey, they talk about Ali’s weelchair problems.

Folly And The Hunter – “Leaving Town”
Leah explains to Corey that she feels unsupported.

Like Lions – “All Be Fine”
Chelsea meets with a lawyer to discuss her department of labor charges.

Brad Senne – “Sing and Dance”
Kailyn visits her ex-boyfriend Jo to check out her son’s living conditions.

Luftshansia – “House”
Nathan gets ready for his jail sentence as he and Jenelle arrive at the courthouse.

General Ghost – “Get Up and Move”
End Montage

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