Music from Teen Mom 2: Season 5, Ep. 18

Teen Mom 2
Featured Artist: Young Summer

Young Summer

Escapists – “Phantom Limb”
Janelle talks to Nathan on the phone as she picks up Jace from daycare?.

John Jerome and the Congregation – “She Speaks To Animals”
Leah and her family get settled into their new apartment.

Brad Senne – “Overgrown With Warmth”
Javi leaves for job training out of town for a month, leaving Kailyn to look after both kids.

Harrison Hudson – “Love Me Love Me”
Chelsea meets her mom for lunch, they talk about her cosmotology license.

Old Abram Brown – “Letter Never Sent”
Jenelle hangs out at home with Jace.

Rare Monk – “Death by Proxy”
Chelsea gets ready to meet  with the cosmotology council to find out the status of her license.

Papermaps – “Shadow Theatre”
Chelsea and her friend are on their way to the meeting, talking about the potential outcomes.

Fremont – “All That I Needed”
Leah takes Ali to her doctors appointment.

Young Summer – “Sun Comes Out”
Jenelle picks up Nathan from jail.

Moonlit Sailor – “Skydiver”
Ali tests out her new wheelchair for the first time.

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