Music from Teen Mom 2 Season 3 Premiere

Featured Artist: Tim Cullen


Teen MomAirdate: November 12, 2012

Moving Mountains – Lights and Shapes

(Previously On Teen Mom 2)

Tim Cullen – Face

(Theme Song)

The Lost Chorus – 2 of 5

(scene: Jenelle begins telling the story of what she has been going through)

Rod Jones – 11th Hour

(scene: Jenelle talks about getting out of rehab and coming home

Jamestown Story – I Don’t Wanna Lose You

(scene: Kailyn meets with friends and plays with her baby in the park)

Gabriel the Marine – The Ocean

(scene: Leah tells the story of what she has been going through)

Bye Horus – Noemi Simka Mange Le Soleil

(scene: Leah starts crying while talking to her sister about her relationship with her ex-husband)

Rod Jones – Hope

(scene: Jenelle starts summer classes and goes on a job interview)

Adam Agin – Please Don’t Leave Quite Yet

(scene: Kaitlyn talks about Jo’s music video)

Heavy Young Heathens – Mr. Dingle

(scene: Jenelle comes home from the beach)

Cardia – No Reason Why

(scene: Leah and Corey meet at the hospital)

The Dark Romantics – She’s A Fire

(scene: Jenelle talks about her slip with sobriety)

War Jacket – Remember You Used to Love Me

(scene: Jo and Kaitlyn talk about Jo’s new girlfriend)

Wages – Huricane Cocaine

(scene: Corey and Leah come out of the doctors office)

Everett Thomas – Nightengales

(scene: Closing Montage)

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