Music From 16 and Pregnant: Season 5, Episode 6

16 and Pregnant
Featured Artist: Ruth

ruth punkd


Kris Orlowski – “Youth”
Karley talks to her friends about moving in with Tony

Covenhaven – “Young at Heart”
Karley and Tony talk to a realtor about finding a place to rent

Kite Club – “I’m Climbing High”
Karley has a baby shower

Goldspot – “Monkey on my Rooftop”
Karley and Tony visit the babies in the ICU

Ruth – “Simple Math”
Tony wants to get a truck

Death and A Cure – “The Endless Escape”
Tony buys a truck

Lydia – “Do you Remember?”
Tony and Karley get in a fight; Tony leaves

Dave Thomas Junior – “Worse”
Tony leaves after getting into a fight with Karley’s mom

Adam Faucett – “Day Drinker”
Karley, Tony, and Syndee calm down after the fight

Matthew Perryman Jones – “Canaan”
Episode wrap-up

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