Music from Teen Mom 2 Episode 9 Season 3

Featured Artist: Cardia

 Teen Mom 2 – Airdate: January 14, 2013

Tim Cullen – Face

Wages – Car Crash

(scene: Kailyn gets home from Texas)

Ribs – Silencer

(scene: Chelsea’s dog gets attacked)

Bye Horus – Buddha Show

(scene: Chelsea talks to her dad about losing her dog)

Cardia – Behind Your Eyes

(scene: Jenelle talks to her mom about breaking up with Josh and moving in with her friend)

Daniel Ellsworth and the Great Lakes – Cardinal Wings

(scene: Chelsea talks about losing Frankie and taking her GED)

The Gods of Macho – Gobbledy Gook

(scene: Kailyn goes to lunch with Mark)

Orders of the British Empire – Solitude

(scene: Kailyn talks to Mark about her mother)

Waterdeep – It’s Alright

(scene: Leah talks to her mom after looking at a house)

Nick Tyler – More Than Once

(scene: Chelsea talks to her mom about passing her GED test)

Deeper Into Red – Golden Sun

Cardia – Shutter

Dave Thomas Jr. – Run Forever

(Closing Montage)

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