Music from Teen Mom 2 Episode 7 Season 4


Featured Artist:  The Mowgli’s 


Teen Mom 2 – Airdate: April 1, 2013

Tim Cullen – Face

(Theme Song)

Into It. Over It. – Connecticut Steps

(scene: Kailyn and Javi talk about him joining the Air Force)

Cari Clara – Greater History

(scene: Chelsea gets a text from Adam about custody of their child)

Jack & the Bear – Ashes

(scene: Chelsea talks to her friend about going to court with Adam for custody)

The Dandelion War – Stone Castles

(scene: Adam drops off Aubrey)

House of Wolves – There She Goes

(scene: Chelsea plays with Aubrey)

Cari Clara – Shout

(scene: Kailyn is plays with Isaac as Javi walks in)

The Cutes – You’ll Find Love

(scene: Janelle calls her mom to tell her about the proposal)

Broken Anchor – Leave the Light On

(scene: Chelsea goes to her dad’s house)

Aiden Knight – Jasper

(scene: Leah gets ready to get married)

Tape the Radio – 1989

(scene: Jeremy tells Leah the wedding pictures are going to look like he married a teenage because of Leah’s braces)

East Hundred  – So Strange

(scene: Jenelle and Gary meet with Jenelle’s mom)

Accents – Alright With Me

(scene: Jenelle and Gary hug and kiss Jace)

Ferrier – Go On, Get Out of My Head

(scene: Isaac plays with his toys with Jo, Javi and Kailyn talk about the Air Force test)

Accents – The Fog

(scene: Javi leaves to take the test for the Air Force and then calls Kailyn to tell her the test was postponed)

House of Wolves – Ageless

(scene: Kailyn and Javi talk about getting married)

Window View – One Beating Heart

(Closing Montage)

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