Music from Teen Mom 2 Episode 5 Season 3

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Teen Mom 2Airdate: December 10, 2012

Tim Cullen – Face

Bicycles  – I’ll Wait For You

(scene: Kailyn talks to her friend)

Kyler England – Simple Machine

(scene: Chelsea goes to take her GED test)

Bye Horus – Noemi Simko Mange Le Soleil (Part 1)

(scene: Chelsea and Adam break up)

Static Jacks – Ink

(scene: Kailyn walks to her Jeep)

Bye Horus – Cherbourg (Part 2)

(scene: Chelsea argues with her dad about Adam)

Drew Holcomb – Live Forever

(scene: Kailyn breaks up with Jordon)

Ian Love – Lost Without You

(scene: Leah and Jeremy on their date together)

Telescope – Only Human

(scene: Chelsea goes to get a new puppy)

Lonesome Animals – Burn

(scene: Adam talks to his friend while getting a tattoo)

Making Movies – Foolish Kid

(scene: Jo changes Isaac’s diper and Kailyn goes out with her friends)

Zoo Seven – Say Goodbye

(scene: Jenelle has a party for Jace)

Ruth – My One and Only

(scene: Leah gets flowers at school from Jeremy)

Everett Thomas – New Orleans

(scene: Kailyn calls Jordan and finds out he’s hanging out with another girl)

Kyler England – What You’re Looking For

(scene: Kailyn parks her car)

The Shivers – So Long Woman

(scene: Jenelle finds out that her Probation Officer isn’t going to send her to jail)

Southerly – Going Down

(End Montage)

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