Music from Teen Mom 2 Episode 4 Season 3

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Teen Mom 2Airdate: December 3, 2012

Tim Cullen – Face

(Theme Song)

Us and Our Daughters – Remember When

(scene: Kailyn goes to mediation to get custody of her son)

Zoo Seven – Fade In Fade Out

(scene: Kailyn talks to Jo before mediation)

We the Living – History

(scene: Leah goes to meet with an admissions conselor to go to college)

Bangs – Fakes

(scene: Leah pulls up to the college campus)

Making Movies – In Deo Speramus

(scene: Kailyn and Jo into mediation)

River City Extension – The Unmistakeable Man

(scene: Jennelle wakes up at her friends place after getting bailed out of jail)

Cannoneers – Say It To Me

(scene: Jennelle and her friend go to the Ke$ha concert)

Telescope – Shine On Me

(scene: Jo plays with Isaac in the pool)

War Jacket – I’m Afraid Of the Devil

(scene: Leah takes her college acceptance test)

Dierks Bentley – Every Mile A Memory

(scene: Chelsea and her friends go to see Dierks Bentley in concert)

Ruth – Darling Why

(scene: Leah finds out she didn’t pass the acceptance test)

Track a Tiger – The Altar

(scene: Leah is accepted to attend college)

Holding Back Entirely – Off-Pitch Plea

(scene: Jo goes to Kailyn’s house to drop off Isaac and talk about custody)

Kyler England – If You Want Me To

(scene: Kailyn and Jo talk about custody)

Jeff LeBlanc – Heart Of Gold

(scene: Corey plays with his daughters while Leah gets her hair dyed)

Alexander Fairchild – Hallelujah

(scene: Jenelle goes to talk to her mom)

We the Living  – Demons

(End Montage)

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