Music From Teen Mom 2: Episode 25

Teen Mom 2
Featured Artist: Jon Bryant



The Little Indians – Start Fresh
Leah spends time with her girls before she flies to LA

Two Cheers – The Explode Boys
Kailyn talks to a producer about the upcoming reunion

Hemmingbirds – Half a Second
Jenelle and David arrive at the reunion

Patternist – When the Lights Turn Low
Kailyn gushes over Chelsea’s baby bump

Wild Moon – Stampede
The producers tell Barb the troubling news

Indigoe – Call in the Air
Chelsea tells the producers that she’s sick

Jake Mimikos – Paradigm
The girls get ready to film the reunion’s intro segment

Kid Prism – Light a Fire
Reunion sneak peek

Holiday Friends – Rocket Summer
All four girls film the Unseen Moments segment together

Jon Bryant – Love and War
End Montage

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