Music From Teen Mom 2: Episode 24

Teen Mom 2
Featured Artist: Allie Moss



 Crystal Youth – We Are Giants
Chelsea meets her mom for lunch with Aubree
Dark Brown – Into Winter
Isaac getsupset with Javi picks up Lincoln
Pomegranates – Lost Lives
Leah calls the college enrollment office
Jake Mimikos – Paradigm
Aubree waits to get picks up by her grandma
PJ Pacifico – Anything is Possible
Jenelle and David take Kaiser to his first day of pre-school
Steelhead – Silverlake
Leah visits West Virginia State University
The Rocketboys – Away We Go
Cole and Chelsea drive to get their marriage license
Lydia – Paper Love
Chelsea and Cole fill out their marriage license
Zayde Wolf – Top of the World
Jace hangs out at Barbara’s house
My Jerusalem – Done and Dusted
Javi and Kailyn talk about their relationship
Adam Agin – Now
Leah finds out if she got accepted into college
Nick Howard – Radio
Aubree gets picked up by Adam’s parents
Allie Moss – Turning to Gold
Montage of Chelsea and Cole’s intimate wedding ceremony


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