Music From Teen Mom 2: Episode 23

Teen Mom 2
Featured Artist: The Native Sibling0002022837_10


Austin Plaine – Only You
Kailyn talks to her friend Sterling about her escalated issues with Javi

Zach Berkman – Open Your Eyes (Change Your Mind)
Chelsea and Cole reveal the gender of their baby on Instagram

Waves Above – It’s Gonna Hurt
Barb drops Jace off at Jenelle’s house

Electric Holiday – Brighter Than the Sun
Chelsea has friends over to her house

My Jerusalem – It’s Torture
Chelsea has Cole practice parenting with a fake baby

The Rocketboys – Stone
Leah goes to visit beauty school

Sun Disciple – Work All Day
Jenelle takes Jace to Ju-Jitsu class

Patternist – Sound
Chelsea and Cole care for the fake baby

Lydia – When It Gets Dark Out
Kailyn goes to Jo’s house

Bien – One Degree
Jenelle drops off Kaiser and Jace

Smokey Brights – Stickman
Chelsea, Cole, and Aubree struggle with the fake baby

Kathrin Shorr – The Stars Above
Leah talks about going back to school to her girls

Native Sibling – Skin and Bone
End Montage

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