Music from Teen Mom 2 Episode 2 Season 4


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Teen Mom 2 – Airdate: February 25, 2013

Tim Cullen – Face

(Theme Song)

The Dark Romantics – Gimme A Kiss

(scene: Chelsea drops her daughter off at daycare)

Ruu Campbell – Crossroads

(scene: Leah talks to her friend about her miscarriage)

Track a Tiger – Divide the Days

(scene: Kailyn plays with Isaac)

The Breaking Lakes – Right Away

(scene: Jo talks to his brother)

Black Whales – The Wild One

(scene: Chelsea sits in class for her first day of beauty school)

Bethany Larson – Last Thing On My Mind
(scene: Chelsea’s first class is over)

The Dream Brother – Haunted Heart

(scene: Jenelle checks out her mom’s new house)

We Are the City – An Angel In White

(scene: Jenelle talks about Keifer with Gary)

Halos – Amalgam

(scene: Kailyn gets ready for court)

Barrett Johnson – Portraits

(scene: Chelsea tells her friend that she might be pregnant again)

Carbon Choir – Measure of Your Madness

(scene: Jo meets with his attorney)

Dinner and A Suit – It’s Not Over

(Closing Montage)

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