Music from Teen Mom 2 Episode 2 Season 3

Featured Artist: Dark Brown


Teen Mom 2Airdate: November 19, 2012

Rod Jones – 11th Hour

(Previously On Teen Mom 2)

Tim Cullen – Face

(Theme Song)

Giants – A Near Life Experience

(scene: Chelsea holds her daughter and shows her the ring Adam gave her)

We Were Pirates – Cutting Ties

(scene: Chelsea meets with her friend for lunch)

Cannoneers – Goodbye

(scene: Jenelle tells her mom about smoking weed)

We The Living – Best Laid Plans

(scene: Jenelle finishes her conversation with her mom)

Ben Rector – You and Me

(scene: Leah meets with her friend for lunch)

Drew Andrews – Counterfeit

(scene: Leah ends her conversation with her friend)

Dark Brown – Original Bond

(scene: Jenelle fails her drug test)

Bye Horus – Hawaii Budapest

(scene: Leah talks to Corey about their relationship)

Making Movies – Worry for Me

(scene: Chelsea leaves to go to her birthday party)

Everett Thomas – Claire

(scene: Kailyn finishes her conversation with Jo)

Alexander Fairchild – Easier Than Breathing

(scene: Leah meets with her friend and talks about going through Corey’s email account)

Kyler England – Quittin’ Time

(scene: Leah calls Corey)

Kristin Mooney – As We Fly

(scene: Leah cries after her conversation with Corey)

We Were Pirates – Keep Talking

(scene: Chelsea rides with her friends to her dad’s for her birthday party)

Dark Brown – Invisible

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